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When a hell-hole hits a cataclysm.

This word was coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on October 3, 2006.

Republican senator Linsey Graham's comments from the Daily Show clip:

"If it is seen that our country is trying to define the Geneva Convention to meet the needs of the CIA, why can't every other country redefine the Geneva Convention to meet the needs of their secret police? It would be a disaster."

Jon Stewart's response:

"Yes, a disaster, as opposed to what we have in Iraq now. Uh, what's it called when a hell-hole hits a cataclysm? A, uh... catastrofuck.


I just coined that, didn't I?"
Friend 1: Wow, have you heard about the latest shit going on in Iraq?

Friend 2: Yeah. What a catastrofuck.
by Eric D on the MIC October 04, 2006
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