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Trogdor, The Ultimate Dragon of complete and total obliterative awesome burnination. Trogdor was born when Strong Bad recieved an e-mail, however to his dismay this e-mail was not sent to him from a female. It was sent by from Kaiser from California. Kaiser wanted to know if he could draw a dragon to see his skills of an artist. Strong Bad accepted this incredible feat to prove to the world that he could in fact draw a dragon. He started with an "s" and a more different "s", then made a top mark on a long "v" then added some legs and some arms and then decided he needed to start over because it didn't look "natural". He started with the same style, "s" more differet "s" and closed it up real nice at the top there. He then used consumate "v"'s to give him teeth, spiketies, and angry eyebrows. He then put on some wings, so he could be a "wingaling" dragon. Then he added some fire and some smoke, and put one of those beefy arms back on for good measure. Then He beheld Trogdor in all his majesty. He then checked on his other students. He yelled at Coach Z for not using conummate "v"s and his lack of knowing majesty if it jumped up and bit him in the face. Strong Mad just simply carved the word "Dragon" into the table. And if the "r" in dragon is clicked you see Homsar. Then strong sad improves on Strong Bad's methods. Then Strong Bad improves them even further by lighting Strong Sad's drawing on fire with his trusty BMW lighter. Thus Trodor struck again. Then Trogdor's theme song was born. It goes "TROOOGDOOOOOORRR!!!! TROGDOOOOORRRRR!!!! Trogdor was a man....well....maybe he was a dragon man.....well.....maybe he was just a..dragon....but he was still TROGDOOOOORR!!!!! TROGDOOOOORR!!!!! Burninating the countryside. Burninating the Peasants. Burninating all the people in their THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!!!! THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!!!! AND THE TROGDOR HE COMES IN THE NIIIIIGHHTT!!!!!" Apparently Trogdor used to be a man, then a dragon/man hybrid, then just and descicivly a dragon. When dealing with Trogdor, one must always make sure they have an item that is capable of swording and/or arrowing. Trogdor also stars in an arcade game located on homestarrunner.com. In this game you are Trogdor, and you run around squishifying peasants in order to be able to burninate their cottages, however you must dodge to pointy swordity death of the evil knights who wish to ceace your incredible fun of doom, you must also avoid the arrows from the arrowers who also wish to end said fun. Trogdor has many natural habitats such as, hats, t-shirts, socks, likenesses of himself, but mostly the internet.
Umm...that's pretty much all there is to know about Trogdor the Burninator.....unless you like want his family tree or something....
by Eric, Bacon Lord September 29, 2004
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