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A young lady of easy virtue who is usually, but not always, aesthetically and hygienically challenged. Usually predominant in packs of Chavs or Neds. The literal definition refers to the female genitalia in a constant state of readiness as in, '....hanging out'.
I wouldnae go near her, she's a fuckin' hing oot.
I think ah caught somethin' fae that wee hing oot last night.
The most popular use of this term, however, is a form of male bonding and acceptance: Yer maw's a fuckin' hing oot.
by Erchie McGeakle November 21, 2005
Scots. A derogatory term for a contemptible and stupid person. It's origins derive from the aroused state of the penis and hence is used only as a term of abuse for males; although as the genders are becoming harder to distinguish in certain housing schemes in and around the city of Glasgow this can no longer be guaranteed. If one is behaving in a ridiculous manner, and apparently irritable to everyone in the vicinity, one can expected to be denounced as a 'throbber'.
Heh Bawbag, stope actin' like a throbber.
by Erchie McGeakle November 21, 2005
Term used to describe the stressful act of having excessive demands placed upon you, or being unfairly manipulated, by colleagues or partners, to such an extent that you seem to have lost control of your limbs and are spiralling aimlessly from one task to the next without accomplishing a thing.

Derives from the car ornament of the same name where a jumpsuit clad image of the King spins frantically on the dashboard.
"How did that fucker get the job? He keeps changing his fuckin' mind and now I'm jumpin' around like a Dashboard Elvis."

"She told me to pick up the laundry, then pick up the kids after I've put the photos into Boots! She's got me dancin' around like a Dashboard Elvis."
by Erchie McGeakle December 21, 2006
Derogatory term for beligerent males of indeterminable sexual origin, implying aggressiveness in the homosexual act without necessarily seeking consent. Most rectum ransackers are found in all male communities, e.g. Prison, Public School, etc.

Joe's doing 6 months in Barlinnie.....Imagine the rectum ransackers that'll be firin' it up his ass on a regular basis?
by Erchie McGeakle December 21, 2006

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