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"G" "unit" was the ancient Indian code name given to an elite class of soldiers that represented the homosexual community (hence Gay-Unit) and boned random 'niggas' in the ass. Some of their special forces units actually conducted a series of very dangerous and literally mindboggling acts known as 'Eing in the C', which stands for 'Ejaculating in the Cranium'. This ejaculation which was medically poisoned as well killing the victims the same instant. Also, as the brain has no pain-receptors the victims died a painless yet disgusting death. The unit other, the Psychological Ops unit tried to spread homosexual behaviour amongst the disoriented American youth (which had no brain to ejaculate into) by adding subliminal messages in musical messages which were translated to the ordinary ears as the group, G-unit. These 'niggas' were lead by a man named by his value, 50 cent. His name also represented the amount of people that he had to convert before he got his commanding status.
Yo Dawg, I was taking a leak the other day when this 'nigga' emerged from the shadows and poked me in the ass. Next thing I know i'm on the floor and this other 'nigga' comes by, cuts my head open, and ejactulates into my head. Now my ghost is having to write this down for you cuz i died, painlessly might i add.
by EpC 2 August 11, 2005
A Jatt is , simply put, a punjabi Farmer. Punjab is unique for it's agriculture and Sikhs were well known for their farming abilities. Technically, a 'Jatt' is a farmer but these days moronic ricky-martin wannabe faggot dippers have defined it as some kind of "elite" indian class to give them a false sense of pride and superiority when they have 3 inch erections by looking at white women and instant ejaculations by touching them in any way (bumped into, pushed, slapped, peed on etc)

These peculier breed of demented homosexuals also go around asking each other if they are "jatt" (a title you inheret if your parents are "jatts") So no motherfuckers, my father is not a farmer, but you just keep doggystyling those chickens.
"ooh my gooooddd jaar i is habing the master ERECTION of my minijatt!"

"I bish I waj di jatt so peepul budent take a tati on me"

by EpC 2 February 05, 2005

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