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Rossyboy is a kid from Scotland who wears a skirt and is on alot of ADHD drugs.

also see pulled a rossy
Rossyboy wear a skirt, what a faggot.
by ENZO July 18, 2004
Acronym AW, a 3d chatroom, home to all the nastiest mother fuckers on the web. Also used as a slang term.
Yo bitches I am the boss of builds, dont make me go AW on yo ass!
by ENZO July 18, 2004
An indication that an indian person is feeling any emotion. Mainly used in curiosity.

To be used as a suggestive term, add 'h' to the beginning of the word. Thus, hhought.
"I would enjoy khilling jhou now."

"Whant to mhake some ghood deals, come to my place and settle in with a nice bowl of curry?"
by Enzo December 29, 2003
The worst thing it is possible to have. It is believed to have originated when some Egyptian god or other decided that bad people deserved to have a ridiculous colour hairdo. When shaved can often be mistaken for a Scotch egg.
David thinks he's cool because he has loads of ginger hair. He isn't.
by Enzo November 30, 2004

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