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Ridiculously large breasts on a girl with an extremely small waist. See also clown shoes or clown foot.
Check out the clown tits on that waitress!
by Enrique Rodriguez March 25, 2008
adj., showing consideration for others only when it is obviously way too late and, usually, only when forced to do so. In other words, a thoughtful gesture made as a total afterthought.
Two roommates run into each other in the hallway ...
Guy: Hey, want to grab a beer?
Guy's friend: I can't tonight. I'm going out with Samantha and Colleen ... oh ... want to come along?
Guy: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!

Girlfriend calls on phone, on Friday evening, after being away 2 weeks on a business trip ...
Girlfriend: Hi! I'm back from my business trip. I put together a hiking trip. Of course, you're invited!
Guy: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!

Guy who can no longer lie about attending an upcoming party to 1 of 5 girlfriends ...
Girlfriend: Let's do something tonight!
Guy: Uhh, so yeah ... Tonight is the big party. Want to go with me?
Girlfriend: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!
by Enrique Rodriguez July 11, 2008
The set of characteristics involving, but not limited to, a burning sensation around the anus and difficulty wiping. BBS often includes the associated condition of diarrhea. Though no clinical trial data exists, BBS is thought to highly correlate with the ingestion of spicy food.
I once ate a whole jar of peperoncini and then spent the next day suffering from "Burning Butthole Syndrome (BBS)."
by Enrique Rodriguez January 28, 2009

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