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1. The company responsible fof not just the best selling Full Size truck since 1979, but also the best selling vehicle of all time,

2. The manufacturing company for the mustang, the best selling sports car of all time.

3. Also responsible for the best selling midsized SUV of all time, the Explorer
Ford, so many derogetory achronyms, but,

by Enraged Teenager December 01, 2004
Gun toting, hip ganstah' wanna be. Thank You Maynard James Keenan
Republicans can, cause the mix it all with love and make the word taste... BLAH poison... Damn Republicants
by Enraged Teenager December 01, 2004
Dodge sorry attempt at a performance truck, 8.? liter V10 manual trans 500hp and is 3/10 of a second faster then the supercharged 5.4 liter auto trans Ford Lighting with onl 385 hp.
Sorry Rattle Trap times 10
by Enraged Teenager December 01, 2004

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