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1 definition by EnoughGov'tCheeseAlready!

A false sexual-slang mis-used by angry, ignorant, intolerant, rabid, ultra-left Libtardo liberals to label T.E.A. party movement participants. T.E.A. stands for "Taxed Enough Already" and has nothing to do with the vulgar sexual "teabagger" term. You will find that most of the irritated libtardos that use this word pay no taxes, usually receive an abundance of goverment cheese, welfare, free handouts, suck off the swollen gov't tits, love socialism, and are from the "gimme! gimme! gimme!" and "entitlement" crowd. More often than not, they are also unemployed, worship Lord Obama and Co. and have their very own parking spaces in front of the local D.S.H.S. Office.
Libtardo spews: "Those damn crazy teabaggers are out in full force again today!"

TRANSLATION: Since FEW Libtardos actually pay taxes, it's easy to dismiss those that do as extremists. T.E.A. party participants are simply against massive over-spending and excessive taxes, party affiliation not applicable. Since most rabid lefties contribute nothing to the commonwealth, their opinions on this matter are irrelevant.
by EnoughGov'tCheeseAlready! January 16, 2010
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