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1. another word for a chick who uses/dates you just to get fucked by another one of your friends or any other person that you know.

2. a manipulative skank

other chronological tenses: stick shitfing, stick shifted
A: "...can't believe that chick, she screwed and played almost everyone here"

B: "....yeh, including who used to be my best friend....what a stick shifting bitch!!!"

stick shifter
by Enforcer Black April 06, 2010
1.)...a state of falsehood with any possible outcome/situation, to the point to where it seems that someone is lying all of the time and spewing nothing but fountains and rivers of bullshit.

2.) someone who just absolutely HAS to lie about any and everything.
chick: "i missed you babe, it felt like you were gone forever"

dude: "...wow!!! and now you're shit-coating it!?"

chick: "what are you talking about?"

dude: " my friend saw you makin' out with 3 different guys in the same week...and he even took pics....fuck you!!! it's over!!!"
by Enforcer Black April 06, 2010

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