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1 definition by Energy Max

Apparently there's been a lot of discussion throughout Urban Dictionary about the word 'emo'. I hope this will clear it up.

I define emo as someone who is emotionally and/or mentally depressed. Not every person who is depressed is emo, but the ones who grow their depression and problems to 9000 times the size that they truly are and then tell other people about said problems so they can people to feel sorry for them. In some ways, they are alike geek and nerds, for I can see some geeks and nerds becoming emos if they are bullied repeatedly or thrust away from the real world.

Emos usually keep to themselves as much as possible but would converse with other emos if they have to. They wear darker clothing and/or articles of clothing that sticks them out from a crowd of people. They try to attain positive attention this way, or recognition from others that they are 'emo' and should be feared because they are different. In this way, emos can be compared with scene people.

Emos think negative thoughts most of the time, viewing the glass half empty and much smaller. They believe themselves to be different than any other human being, and so they decide on acting differently. They will act out in public, scare people, carry weapons, wear clothes no one else wears. In this way, they are like goths, but goths are more violent and hatred in their ways, actually going farther than any emo has.

Emos destroy themselves from inside out from beginning to bully themselves mentally and verbally, then they work on to mental pain through real events in their lives, then physical pain and suffering, and after that its not impossible that they will commit suicide or go completely insane and think like only few people do. Perverted thoughts fill their heads; ones of killing people they have been hurt by, killing people in mass numbers, and the death of loved ones to give themselves pain every now and then. It sounds like a television show where the main character obtains certain powers and then tries to save the world/destroy it, and figure out someone they loved or a relative of a loved one is dead because of said main character's actions.
Hey Fred, what's with the long face?

Well, George, my whole family is into being Catholic, but I totally disagree with their religion. And they won't stop hating me for it! They can't just hate me because I want to live my own life the way I want to! I just don't fxxxing understand why my parents hate their youngest son like this! I really wish that....(A while and lots of moping and wallowing-in-one-self's-pity later) You see, that's why I decide to be emo and to cut myself and bleed over the Holy Cross.

Oh, well won't you look at the time! I have to get going! See ya later Fred, hope you fix out the kinks with you parents!
by Energy Max July 25, 2009