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A website with potential but turns out to be useless because if you ever search for a slang term which is also a name, all you get is a load of dumb kids talking about themselves or their shallow relationships.

So just so you guys know...

Jake - Not the most awesome guy ever, or a synonym for a massive penis as this site might lead you to believe, but it's a slang term for a Cop.

Dan - Acronym for Dumb Ass Nigga, not the most awesome guy ever or a synonym for a big penis.
Guy 1: What does Britanny mean?
Guy 2: Why don't you check urban dictionary>
Guy 1: Nah, it's just dumb kids with big heads talking about themselves, there's no way I'd find the real definition on there.
Guy 2: Oh, yeah I forgot about that. It's prison slang for coward.
by EneMalicious November 03, 2011

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