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A smart, cute, funny 14 year old boy from Edmond, Oklahoma. He always seems to have a smile on his face. Been on tour with Cody Simpson, AND Miranda Cosgrove. Cares so much about his fans, and you can seriously tell. He has 2 albums out, Hold On Til The Night (which I have),and Waiting Outside The Lines. Pure talent ladies and gentleman. GO BUY HIS ALBUMS NOW.

P.S. If you're reading this, Grey, follow me on twitter, please? @Sam_Chance
Haley- What are you listening to...?

Samantha- Home is in your eyes.

Haley- Who sings it? He's kinda good...

Samantha- Greyson Chance- my future husband. It's from his new album Hold On Til The Night.

Haley- Future husband? Yeah, okay. Can I borrow it? I don't feel like buying it...

Samantha- Anything to spread the Enchancer Pride :)
by Enchancer For Life August 29, 2011

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