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3 definitions by Encephalogos

-a nasty vagina
-female pudenda featuring cephalopod extensions, teeth, and a squirting phlegm-like substance
-monster cooch
-a vagina of such monstrous, epic proportions and girth that it can devour a man whole. Only found in the wild.

Also called:
-Gaping Vagina Monster
"Man, we were about to get it on last night, but then she whipped out her kraken and I grabbed my hand-cuffs and got the fuck out."
by Encephalogos March 03, 2008
A bra is the term for a man that has been taken on to disguise a woman being gay. A bra is to girls what the beard is to guys.
Although Natalie landed the quarterback from the football team, everyone assumed he was merely a bra for her.
by Encephalogos September 09, 2011
another fad word describing something as hip and trendy before it becomes mainstream. - also 'gasping'
"Wow, Duchess Says is such a gasping band!"
"Girl, your fashion is so gasp!"
by encephalogos July 28, 2008