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Bretz is a a slang word originating from the streets of Luxembourg's 1990s skater culture meaning ''to show-off' or ''to be beyond cool'' in a negative sense. The word was so commonly and loosely used by Purple Skateboarding teams founders Christian Wilmes & Bastiaan Koch that the word spread to become used in a 'positive' sense, such as ''cool'', ''amazing'', ''outstanding'' or ''incredible''. It is now often used in the appreciation or complementing of a visual style (fashion/film) or physical skill (skateboarding/shoe-flipping).

Guirsch: 'Look, some girls are coming!'

Nelson: 'Oh shit, they are hot!'

Guirsch: 'Quick, bretz it! Bretz yourself'


'Man, your films are so bretz.'
by EmperorBagel October 23, 2011
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