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Also known as FA. A small community on the internet, with a bunch of cool people playing funny games together. Although FA has some members who seem to ruin some off the fun (not gonna mention any names) (haha, just kidding, its Sam and Steven). FA is very famous for specially one of their members, called Steff aka Sir Psycho Sexy, because he is the sexiest person on the world! FA is also known for their great knowledge of wood. Specially members like Luke (Mczero), Jason (Selmuir) and Steff (Sir Psycho Sexy) (who btw )have detticated their life,to study wood) knows much about wood, and they even have thier own website ( http://www.freewebs.com/woodcollectorsworldwide ) FA is also known for their awsome sence of humor!
Look at those Foreign Allegiance guys, they are just awsome!!! Exept for Sam and Steven! :(
by Emo On Pogo-Stick March 01, 2009

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