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Place where some tweaked ass grandmas get their grandkids stuff.

This is in reference to the "Trimbles Happy Hippie Christmas" story
Lil Kevin's mother told him "God-Knows-Where she got it" but to thank grandma,who smells like moth balls, for the kitty sweater she searched so hard for because she knew it was exactly what he wanted.

Inside poor Kevin's little head "Visions of kicking grandmas dumbass danced in his head"
by Emmerson Bigguns March 15, 2006
Gay fuel is often defined incorrectly.

Zima is the correct term
After Benjamin and Wendell had a Zima they were ready for some rusty nail anal action.

Benjamin: Want a gay fuel friend?
Wendell: Oh! You big silly, you mean a Zima!
by Emmerson Bigguns March 15, 2006

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