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1 definition by Emily the Strangest

a very unintelligent brand that all wearers pay a billion dollars for in the hopes that wearing it will make them appear oh so witty for wearing a shirt that say "i hate life. or Rules are meant to be broken". What they seem to fail to realize is that if you really were a rebel you wouldn't need to buy a shirt with a girl who never goes out and doesn't have a natural lip color and is a crazed cat woman in order to be one.
Person#1: Oh hello, look at me and my really tight too small Emily the Strange t-shirt that says "emily says:break the rules and make up your own" aren't i the toughest s*** ever?

Person#2: ok toughie, lets go rob a bank!

Person#1: Oh no, i am so sorry but my mom gave me a two o clock in the afternoon curfew. Latazz!
by Emily the Strangest August 15, 2006