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Birmingham-Southern College is the wealthiest private liberal arts college in the Southeast. Much like Rhodes and Sewanee, B-SC has a tradition of affluent students, and has always been a very prestigious private university. Since 1856, the college has been a huge contributor to the world of southern academia. Recently, 'Southern has tried to diversify its public image, accepting many more international students and minorities. However, over 85% of the student population are still Southern-born Caucasians.

Despite various controversies within the state of Alabama over the stereotypes that Birmingham-Southern students get, they're not all without merit, because many of them are true. B-SC students are typically from Old South families, and have grown up accustomed to receiving the finer things in life. However, they are also known for their extremely hard work ethic.
Birmingham Southern College has many affluent students, but that doesn't mean all the things you hear about the school are true. All of the students aren't self-obsessed and stuck up.
by Emily from BSC December 07, 2009

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