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the tiny particles left after using your eraser to get rid of a mistake on a paper
there was erdu all over my paper once i found out that i wrote about the wrong topic
by Emily Machniak March 14, 2008
the habit of, when hungry and looking for a snack, returning to the refridgerator hoping that something new and delicious would have been placed on one of the shelves while you werent looking.
house wife 1: "my husband has a bad case of the 'ufluation'. hes probably still looking for a new piece of food right now, and hes been looking since 12 this morning."

house wife 2: "my husband has the same problem."
by Emily Machniak March 14, 2008
the remixed version of a good song played in an elevator
"Hey! Why was this song turned into muzak?"
by Emily Machniak March 14, 2008
equal to or relating to crap
"EEEEW! The dog just made a HEEYUGE crapola!"; "I got a D- on my test? That's crapola!"
by Emily Machniak March 14, 2008
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