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When a guy is giving it to a girl up the boutox in the back seat of his car and as he's pulling out, she shits all over him and his windows.
"And as PJ was pulling out, Nerina gave him a skunerina!"
"how would he explain to his parents once he got home?"
by Emily Hopcroft January 23, 2005
all terrain towel bin with squeeky wheels used to wheel around small hatties and big lolas all over campus past the ugly walrus of a headmaster and her ugly family.
"Hattie! Stop squeeking the ATTB in front of everyone and then hiding behind it making me look like a fucking freak in a towel bin!"
by Emily Hopcroft January 31, 2005
Michael Goldenburg's bright warning sign that he is coming to get you, like when you are hiding an stolen ATTB in a boys' locker room.
"It's a good thing we left those helium balloons in the locker room. I saw G coming to take us hostage for questioning and give us majors."
"How do you know it was him?"
"Cuz I saw his sleezy purple sketchers."
by Emily Hopcroft January 31, 2005
a lil mousey thing that is a female version of this guy called jamie...she pretty kl tho...bt CANNOT ra ra to save her life!
thats hattie ova ther tryin to ra ra
by emily hopcroft January 09, 2004
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