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1) the act of snoopin through friends (or non friends) profiles in search of something to mingle about.
2) usually linked to excessive boredom or obsessive culpulsore.
3) Most likeley done by the (13-18) age range
4) A term mostly used when talkin online; rareley said in in person
Online Example
Josh: Hey man, whats up
Jon: Not much dude, just doin some facebookin'
Josh: Oh word, cool you find anything interesting?
Jon: yah man, did you know that Henry and Margo broke up today?
by Emile Goldstein February 12, 2009
the oppurtunity to get whops from one or more girls.
Person # 1: Hey that girl looks pretty slutty
Person # 2: Yah, you should get your Whoppurtunities in.
by Emile Goldstein February 02, 2008
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