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An adjective commonly used in southeastern vernacular to describe a person who is uncommonly uncoordinated in a spastically comical way. While this trait is typically entertaining to observe, it renders the person entirely useless in any productive endeavor as they are unlikely to complete their task well, if at all due to their uncoordinated clumsiness.

his person has an overtly awkward graceless manner. Any task they perform is very distracting because their extreme lack of coordination allows them to be defeated by the simplest of tasks and the smallest of inanimate objects. Their methods and postures are always bizarre and physically inefficient making any observer unable to look away from the train wreck of the person's distracting movements. Photographic and video documentations of their activities are commonly found on de-motivational posters and failblog.
"He is too flickty to play a sport involving running AND catching."

"Hell no, you can't be on my team; you're too damn flickty!"

"Her flickty self fell on her face while running down the field with no obstacle in sight."

"That flickty cat couldn't catch a bird, even if it was missing a wing, a leg, and a prayer."

"That's an elite battle; you better let me do that before your flickty self gets killed."
by Elusive Alchemist September 17, 2011

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