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177 definitions by Elsquid

also: 'public-enema #2' \ when citizens riot in the streets in order to purge unjust government regulations, or to expunge a corrupt administration .
Outcry over the phoney election results has led to the biggest public-enema yet seen in that country.
by elsquid May 19, 2010
frustration felt when figuring-out how to work an iPhone, iPad, iPod....
While unwrapping my iPhone, I boldly threw away the instructions - but after a half-hour of Appleplexy, I was rummaging through the trash.
by elsquid September 29, 2010
an internet troll who is also a stalker, following people's usernames and harassing them wherever they post a comment \ vb. stroll
To get rid of some nasty little stroller, she cancelled her account and opened a new one with a different username.
by elsquid July 28, 2010
short for “objection: argumentative” \ generally used to avoid or nullify a negative question or remark
Whenever his ex asks him a question, he infuriates her by answering with OA.
by elsquid June 23, 2011
when a young person develops arthritis
At 16, his dreams of a football scholarship were crushed by arthwrongis, but he ended-up making the NFL anyway -- as a doctor.
by elsquid April 11, 2010
a term for someone who's astonishingly crazy
Working here, I've seen my share of nutjobs, but this guy was mon-u-mental.
by elsquid November 04, 2010
Acronym for Fuck it! I quit!
My idiot boss was always taking the credit for my great ideas and blaming me for his bad decisions; so I finally had to say FIIQ.
by elsquid March 23, 2011