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euphemism for a call girl service/stud service or for hooker/s in general
His idea of calling a discount hardware store 'Pay-per-screw' was terrible but better, at least, than his plan to use the name for an escort service.
by elsquid October 16, 2009
What one gets from eating sushi.

You could tell where they’d dined by the baited breath and the aroma of sake.

by elsquid April 07, 2009
verb & noun: when a member/s of the cast/crew of a movie-shoot share info./fun-stuff on Twitter --
derived from Milla Jovovich's tweeting from the set of "Resident Evil: Afterlife" in 2009.
Milla occasionally posts on her IMDb board - but it's in her tweetoviches that she really communes with the fans.
by elsquid November 28, 2009
A story/movie/TV show with a premise that's beyond ridiculous.
Also: a laughably stupid public figure.
(1), I tried to get into that new TV series about the FBI supernatural-phenomena squad, but it's just too supersillyass for me.

(2), How could they reelect that supersillyass twit?
by elsquid September 23, 2009
an overweight Wal-Mart shopper so weird looking that his/her picture ends-up on the internet
When you've worked here a while, you'll learn to identify the deferent breeds of wal-rus.
by elsquid January 20, 2010
The transient feeling of ecstasy derived from finally overcoming the obstacles put in your way by bureaucrats – which only lasts until you think about how much of your time & money they’ve wasted.

After three Civic Building Inspectors and an independent engineer’s report, I felt pure bureaucrastasy at finally receiving the permit to add a sundeck onto my back porch.
by elsquid March 11, 2009
a festive celebration of summer solstice \ conversely, 'Winstice' is celebrated at winter solstice
On June 21 we have our famous Sumstice parties.
by elsquid December 19, 2009

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