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a crappy map made for games
quiapio_bridge is a noob cube
by elmer fudd October 14, 2004
A tattoo, primarily done by females, on the backside usually in the small of the back.
Did you see that back tat she was sporting? It looked like some kind of doodle.
by Elmer Fudd October 27, 2003
My term for dumb bitches
man youz a cuntikentay
by Elmer Fudd March 22, 2004
That last few drops of gasoline that invariably drop out nozzle after removing the filler from your vehicle.
Oh damn! That fuel drool is going to ruin the paint!
by Elmer Fudd October 27, 2003
i meant this to belittle you like the fucking bitch you are for being a dumbass.
Look, don't do that again. Ktnx.
by Elmer Fudd January 19, 2005
it means what the f**k
can you say what the moose jaw did I do last night
by elmer fudd February 28, 2005
A bottle of cough syrup with rum/vodka, milk of magnesia, and a now and later, commonly served in a baby bottle
"Sip, sippin on some sizzurp." Three 6 Mafia, When the smoke clears
by Elmer Fudd March 17, 2003

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