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2 definitions by Ella Unread

(verb) To sighle. It refers to the act of sighing and smiling at the same time, especially when you're instant messaging someone you have a crush on. It's also a useful word when blogging cheesy posts.
You can also use it as a noun.
v. She sighled when she noticed he finally got online.
n. Sighles were the only sounds he'd produce. He was sooo in love.
by Ella Unread February 04, 2011
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Blogging While Intoxicated -
You go out, you drink, you come back home at 5 am and can't help turning on the computer and blogging and ranting about the night you've had. You're BWI!
NOTE: This post has typos because I wrote it at 4:30 am...I was BWI. Sorry
by Ella Unread May 26, 2011
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