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(verb) To sighle. It refers to the act of sighing and smiling at the same time, especially when you're instant messaging someone you have a crush on. It's also a useful word when blogging cheesy posts.
You can also use it as a noun.
v. She sighled when she noticed he finally got online.
n. Sighles were the only sounds he'd produce. He was sooo in love.
by Ella Unread February 04, 2011
Blogging While Intoxicated -
You go out, you drink, you come back home at 5 am and can't help turning on the computer and blogging and ranting about the night you've had. You're BWI!
NOTE: This post has typos because I wrote it at 4:30 am...I was BWI. Sorry
by Ella Unread May 26, 2011

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