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noun: grandmother.

From the Australian slang for mother-- "old cheese"
After her grandchild called her the Grand Old Cheese, the grandmother made it her new screenname
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
1. A grandma who does not act like the stereotypical grandma
2. A really cool grandma
Nugget: My grandmuthah bought her a book by some guy named Timothy Freake...
CoNAWR: Wow, you have a really cool grandmuthah.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
A suffix which is added to the end of a first or last name to make an affectionate nickname. Similar to the Spanish suffix -ito.
Conachey to Conactickity
Timothy to Timotickity

by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
A question and answer series for math geeks.
Rather than a diminutive of "what's up?", the term "sup" is used as slang for a supplementary angle. The response is then "180" because supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees.
A self explanitory exchange between a geometry teacher and a student: Sup? 180!
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
1. A primal facial expression that affectively communicates any human emotion.

2. An expression of the id
When asked to sign her friend's yearbook, she couldn't find the words to express what an awesome year she had had, so she drew the face instead.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
State that asks residents to pledge allegiance to "Texas, one and indivisable", even though it is divisable by five according to the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas and the Ordinance for Annexation.
Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisable.

New States of convenient size not exceeding four in number, in addition to said State of Texas and having sufficient population, may, hereafter by the consent of said State, be formed out of the territory thereof, which shall be entitled to admission under the provisions of the Federal Constitution.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
A term used to describe something that is facile, effortless, and painless.
Tomorrow's test is going to be easy breezy beautiful cover girl.
by Elizabeth Tudor May 29, 2006
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