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This word is pigeon (slang) used in Hawaii to describe food. Grindz are the food served in a local-style restaurant such as Big Island Grill or served up on the beach at a Hawaiian style cookout.
Ho Brah, Auntie cooked up some ono grindz! Everybody welcome.
by Elizabeth Schell January 16, 2009
A company that is predatory by nature. An entity who exploits the workers for large profits and cheats the consumer around every corner, all the while putting massive amounts of money into sales and marketing to create a recognizable brand.

Also a large company who obliterates smaller businesses who cannot compete with the mass marketing. Also written in a song by Grace Jones.
Walmart is notorious for putting the Mom and Pop shops out of business because they cannot compete with the high volume revenues. I would say Walmart is a Corporate cannibal, eating up smaller neighborhood businesses.
by Elizabeth Schell January 16, 2009

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