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A state college located on Mullica Hill Rd./Route 322 in Glassboro, New Jersey. It is about 20 minutes outside of Camden, and 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. It is in the middle of a mildly dangerous, but still boring town, so all the students can do for fun is party and drink, which they do almost every day of the week. The police officers are too busy cracking down on underage drinking and public indecency on campus to worry about the rest of the town. The student body consists of bros and sluts who think they are hipsters. They have one of the corniest mascots in the country - the Profs (an owl) - and two of the worst school colors, brown and gold. Their administration offices are so slow and careless that they cost their students time, money, and good opportunities.
Rowan Student: "I'm gonna go to this party and drink until I black out. You've probably never heard of the place."
Regular Person: "A bro acting like a hipster...do you go to Rowan University?"
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by Elizabeth, the Bunce Ghost April 04, 2011
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