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A word to describe someone who is being overly annoying and who constantly lies (Bullshits) about everything and anything. Eg being french royalty
Jake: Todd Your such a Savill
Todd: Fuck off man i dont lie about everything and act a total cunt
Jake: Yes you do, Jew
Savill:My dad owns NASA!
by Elijah McCoy February 06, 2008
A word to describe a females outer labia, or beef curtains. That are oversized and look like a chainsaw has come into contact with them.
Jake: Hey bitch, how was that chick last night?
Jimmy: Oh you mean Russell, man she only went and had a Hamfatter.
Jake: What you mean a disgustingly oversized outer labia?
Jimmy: Indeed.
by Elijah McCoy September 20, 2008
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