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Vaginal secretions that occur during arousal.
Man 1: "I like to go downtown (lick a woman's genitalia)."
Man 2: "You sure like that lobster sauce!"
by Eli 5 Stone October 12, 2006
22 ounces of liquor.
Despite what a previous entry wrote concerning alcohol, a "double duce" is, in my predominantly black neighborhood, 22 ounces of liquor, (rather than 40). A "40" is a "40" no matter what, and the "double duce" is nearly half that amount.
by Eli 5 Stone October 12, 2006
Two people sharing a smokeable item, most often a cigarette.
If one person is smoking a cigarette, his/her friend might say, "Gimme the duce", meaning, "Share that with me?"
by Eli 5 Stone October 12, 2006
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