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Slang term for masturbation
My brother is gay becuase he likes to Ricky other men's Scroggins
by El Senor Cheeto October 26, 2004
Someone that likes to Ricky other guys Scroggins
There's only one way to Ricky that Scroggins...the Ghey Whey!!
by El Senor Cheeto October 25, 2004
When one becomes very high they may suddenly feel the urge to put two random words together and act as if they make a thought.
Person 1: Dude I am so high!
Person 2: Oh really, good for you
Person 1: I know I love it...oh hey did you do that homework?
Person 2: Yeah, what homework do you need?
Person 1: GHOST PENIS!
by El Senor Cheeto October 25, 2004

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