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2 definitions by El Raab

Dependence Day is an unofficial holiday in the United States, on July 3rd, which commemorates the 169-year relationship between the United Kingdom and the 13 American Colonies. It is commonly associated with college parties, pro-monarchy rants, gaudy displays of the Union Jack, and various libations which celebrate the history, government, and traditions of the United Kingdom. Festivities end at midnight, with celebrants drinking apple pie shots to exalt freedom and the Fourth of July.
American University Students prefer to commence Dependence Day celebrations with a rally in front of the British Embassy.
by El Raab May 15, 2011
N. a variation of the game of wiffle ball played during sunset. There are no set number of innings, as the game ends when it is too dark to see the ball. The game is popular amongst college students and is frequently played on campus quads. An American University student is credited with coining the term.
Everyone headed out to the bars after the weekly duskball game ended, last Friday night.
by El Raab August 05, 2010