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Brothers Brick, TBB or The Brothers Brick is one of (if not the) most popular LEGO blog currently active.

The Brothers Brick showcases the latest LEGO MOCs from around the internet.

It is run by many famous people in the LEGO Online Community, with contributions from Nannan Zhang and Nathan Wells.

NB: Brothers Brick is NOT spelt with an apostrophe, as the Brick does not belong to a single Brother.
Wow! Congrats on the Brothers Brick mention!
by El Jòhno March 22, 2009
FBTB is short for 'From Bricks To Bothans', which is a popular LEGO Star Wars fan blog. They review sets and also show LEGO Star Wars creations
Hmm, interesting. I saw this on FBTB a few weeks ago.
by El Jòhno March 22, 2009

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