2 definitions by El Harlo

When you're so fucked up that time itself has no meaning at all. Looking for the right candybar at Walgreens can take hours when you're geeking. You can spend a day trying to fold some origami model, or solve a math problem, or read a single paragraph.
Also related to tweaking.
When tweaking AND geeking, this time contraction is combined with a feverish hurry and awareness of your own "meth stench," not to mention a belief that what you are doing is of the utmost importance, and is not to be disturbed by anyone.
I was geeking last night - I must have de-childproofed about 20 lighters!
by El Harlo October 28, 2004
Gladhanding is what a politician or other powerful or famous person does when he shakes the hands of people he would normally avoid like a gay man running from pox-infested pussy.

The term gladhanding implies some lack of sincerity.
Dole gladhanded his way to the podium but lost all his cred when he fell off the stage.
by El Harlo March 28, 2008

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