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1 definition by El Dorado

A very annoying song by the band 'The Raconteurs' (Which consists of Jack White of 'The White Stripes' and some ex members of 'The Greenhornes').

The song consists of annoying twangs and high-pitched vocals.

It can become stuck in your head for days by just mentioning a line of lyrics. No matter how much you hate it, it will be in your head.

A funny and entertaining game to play with this song is to find someone with the same dislike for the song as you (which shouldn't be too hard) and at random times just speak some of the lyrics or tell them the title of the song. 'Steady as She Goes' will instantly become burned in their memory and they will become pissed off and frustrated. Doing this results in a point for you.
Guy #1: Hey man what's up?
Guy #2: Oh you know, the usual.
Guy #1: That's cool..
Guy #2: Yeah....
Guy #1: You know what else is cool?
Guy #2: No.. What?
Guy #1: ........ STEADY AS SHE GOES!
Guy #2: Arrrgghh! Fuck! You asshole! I'll get you for that.
Guy #1: Hahahaha! So that makes it 46-24 now. Better catch up, bitch.
by El Dorado October 10, 2006
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