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one who gave birth to evil twins. but he is such a god he turned the twins into his minions and now they do his bidding. though no one could do it as well as him.
one time papon and I went into the woods to go camping and I said I wish there was a bar here. And wouldnt you know it, papon built a damn bar by nightfall. Then he drank all the booze, kicked the shit out of all the men, had sex with all the women, set the bar on fire and burned it to the ground till he pissed out the burning embers. i asked, whyd you do that and papon said "LEAVE THINGS AS YOU FOUND EM I ALWAYS SAY!" to bill papon!!
by El Chief September 10, 2006
A godly man among men.
One who uses a live rattlesnake as a condom.
"To bill! He is such a papon. One time I caught Papon havin sex with my wife and I thanked him for it he is such a God. Then he punched me in the face and I thanked him again. To Bill Papon"
by El Chief September 10, 2006
male prostitute. one who walks the streets to give up poonanny.
see that guy walking down the avenue, he is a bretthauer.
by El Chief September 10, 2006
Not EMO enough. Something that is NEMO is not a fish, on the contrary it is simply not EMO.
That girls Pic is so NEMO
by El Chief March 08, 2009
A list maker. Loves to have her way. Despises meat but loves crepes. Is unlucky.
I was out with Montee the other night and she ate a ton of crepes but didnt touch her sausage.
by El Chief August 22, 2006
A young male who is in the process of figuring out his sexual identity. Usually contemplates this as he watches star wars and tries to figure out if he is suited to be Han Solo, Princess Leia, or a Wookie.That Heavy D asked out my brother. OR someone so huge and hideous they can not be out in public without being made fun of as in..
awwhh f*** here comes Heavy D
Heavy B is too hideous, probably because he is figuring out his sexual identity.
by El Chief August 22, 2006
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