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A. a term used for overall dissapointment at a Tennessee music festival named Bonnaroo, in which Kanye kept 50,000 would-be fans waiting for over 3 hours on his late-night performance one year. As the night progressed, instead of talking to the crowd and explaining what was going on so they could watch other acts, Kanye blamed everything on the stage workers, who had set up hundreds of shows before Kanye ever was invited to Bonnaroo, thus alienating said fans from other potential musical experiences.

B. A term used to describe anything that is unsatisfying during said Bonnaroo Music Festival. Often times, groups of festival goers will chant "Fuck Kanye" sparatically, even 3 years after his failed performance.

C. Term used to describe anyone acting like a selfish ignorant dick mouth.
A. "Man, I thought this band would be better...they're actually pretty Kanye West."

B. Words of chanting festival-goers at every Bonnaroo since Kanye visited, starting the Sunday after his weak performance: "Fuck Kanye, Fuck Kanye."

C. "Quit being such a Kanye, you are ruining everyone's buzz."
by El Bandito Cellular October 03, 2011

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