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(Pronounced Bidd.Dee - Sit.E) Biddy City, is a place sought after by many men. Biddy City is a city made of gold, and completely filled with beautiful women. Not just ordinary attractive women, or even mind-blowing models.It contains Women with such beauty that to look upon them will cause immediate spontaneous combustion. Biddy City contains women so beautiful, that the male mind cannot possibly comprehend their looks and to do so would be sure suicide.

It is believed by some scholars that a certain concoction of deadly elements must be combined to find a way into Biddy City, and to peer at the Biddian women. The most widely accepted element that catalyzes the concoction being Rubidium. Supposedly, Biddy City is located upon Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has gone unseen since the beginning of time due to it's magical, majestic veil that covers the city. The veil creates a barrier around the city making it invisible to the human eye, and protecting it from Biddy City's rival city, Shitty City. Not much can be said about Shitty City since, frankly, no one cares. Shitty city is where all of the rebuked, and ugly Biddy's go to die.

Many of the most pronounced scholars agree that John Stamos, and a certain Chuck Norris have some how found there way into Biddy City, and because of this have learned the ways of the woman culture and how to bone any woman of their choosing. Some, non-scholars also believe that the rappers The Notorious "B.I.G." and Tupac Shakur faked their deaths because they had actually found a way into Biddy City. Allegedly, their famous fued was only a diversion to throw people off of their trail when they packed their bags for the greatest city in the world.

What most Biddy City scholars can agree on is that when Pangea existed Biddy City was definately at the center, giving it it's awesome, and defining power.
I will find Biddy City!
by Ekul nareah April 28, 2009

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