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a 'radio fucker', more commonly refferred to as a 'radio warrior' is a person who only listens to popular, mainstream music and often criticizes quality music for not being popular. usually listens to akon, flo rida, fergie, black eyed peas, gwen stefani, lady gaga, etc.
Radio fucker: omg, did you hear that new song it's great
Me: yes, i did, and i was deeply annoyed and saddened that it can pass for music. i much prefer school of fish
Radio fucker: oh, yeah? well it's on the radio, let's see your precious school of fish top that, i mean no one's ever heard of them
me: well, school of fish had quality songwriting, intoxicating melody's, rich inspirastional lyrics and a great voice
Radio fucker: those things exist?
by EightiesRockGoddess August 09, 2009

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