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25 definitions by Eighth of Seven

A fictional type of Real Ale, of allegedly lethal alcohol content and the tendency to produce a barin-crushing hangover the next day.

See also "Suicider"
"Christ, you look rough ! What have you been doing ?"

"Awwww..... the usual .... went out with the lads last night and had eleventeen pints of Scruttock's "Old Dirigible", then a curry..... got any aspirin ?"
by Eighth Of Seven October 14, 2008
A Shih Tzu which has turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Since they are highly intelligent, mischevious and arrogant anyway, this is but a small step. Many Shih Tzu look like small hairy versions of Yoda anyway.
"That... that .... er ... dog ? life form ? what ? has just stolen my mobile phone from my jacket pocket and hidden it under the sofa !"

"Sorry, he's a Sith Tzu..... he can't resist being evil."
by Eighth of seven April 02, 2008
A low-grade worker; a peon. A dumb person doing a dumb job, often in retail, food service, or warehousing.

"I'll get a couple of carbon units to come round tonight and take that junk away."

"One of the carbon units in Goods Inwards tripped over a cable and smashed his arm. "
by Eighth of Seven January 14, 2007
When something is so badly damaged that the only option is to get a new one; it might be a critical component, or the whole thing.
"Can you fix it ?"

"No. Your hard drive is screwed. Total replacement therapy is indicated."

"Bugger !"
by eighth of seven February 06, 2010
White sugar; can be applied to salt, brown sugar, sweetener, but most usually to white sugar, on the basis that "everything" - sugar, sweetener, coffee, red meat, water, oxygen and light will cause cancer (eventually).

Taking all available information into account, the only way to avoid dying of cancer is to forswear all food and drink, and shut yourself in an airtight lead box. You won't die of cancer. You will still die, and quite quickly, but it won't be of cancer.
"Coffee's done. Milk and sugar ?"

"No milk, but gimme two spoons of cancer crystals".
by eighth of seven February 06, 2010
A model of motorcycle manufactured by Harley Davidson
"What's that bike ?"

"Owwwww ... that's an original Electra Glide .... monkey see, monkey want ..."
by Eighth of Seven August 23, 2008
1. The instructions, user or technical manual for a piece of equipment.

2. By inference, any important piece of documentation, either as treeware or in electronic form.

"Where's the Book of Words for the router ?"

"I've logged the fault in the Book of Words."
by Eighth of Seven January 14, 2007