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To disagree with someone.
"Whaeva, it's my hot body I du wha I want"
by Effran Cattala October 08, 2003
To do anything.... Can be used in anyway or in any sentence. The true definition is not known by anyone. So it is used as a replacement for anything you want.
"I'm going to rollout to the INS."
"I Just got dumped" "Dude, just rollout."
"So you wanna go Rollout?"
"We are going to rollout the team this week."
"This party is rolled out"
by Effran Cattala October 08, 2003
The ultimate evolution of everything purely evil. The greatest person ever to breathe air. Zax.
"I'm the Golden God, please leave a message"
by Effran Cattala October 08, 2003
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