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This common species of female is often characterized by it's boring exterior (as well as interior, nothing goes on up in that head) as well as it's lack of personality and the fact that they are not very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In the suburbs of Dallas, Texas sightings of a bushy haired Ariel with a mustache have been confirmed. Noting that the thighs are usually abnormally large and the clothes too short and too tight. They also tend to be under the impression that they are attractive to the opposite sex, but don't worry their obnoxious valley girl voice keeps most away. Those of the opposite sex still daring to associate with an Ariel are soon filled with regret when they find out that most Ariels attend colleges that require a 1.0 gpa and a beer bong. Silly Ariels. Avoid them at all costs! Disclaimer: Will not be held responsible for actions of Ariels for those who ignore this warning.
Ah Ariels are so unappealing. Literally the second that Ariel opened her mouth I wanted to push her off a ledge or have her run into a number of sharp objects I have in my apartment.
by Eeeek It's An Ariel December 21, 2009

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