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A k-pop group with the five members: Sun Ye, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi, So Hee, and Ye Eun. They have many hit songs like Tell Me, So Hot, Irony, and Nobody. They have recently debuted in the United States and have went on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Their prouder/manager is JYP,and the Wonder Girls are signed to JYP entertainment. Unfortunately, there are some antis out there and hate on So Hee the most. They make rude comments on how she can't sing, dance, or that she's ugly. All of them are FALSE. So Hee CAN sing AND dance. JYP just makes her sing out her vocal range and all high and cute. So Hee isn't ugly, she's quite cute and pretty. She hasn't gotten plastic sugery and is 100% natural looking like the other Wonders.
Wonder Girls are one of my favorite k-pop groups.
by Ee Babo November 02, 2009
A k-pop group made up of nine members: Jessica, Soo Young, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany, Hye Yeon, Tae Yeon, Seo Hyun, and YoonA. They are commonly also known as Girls Generation, So Nyeo Shi Dae, or So Nyuh Shi Dae. They have hit songs including Gee, Geenie, and Kissing You. They are very popular, alothough they have a rising number of antis. SNSD had recieved a silent treatment during the 2008 Dream Concert. All other fan groups besides the one of SNSD, turned off their glowsticks and were absolutely silent. They also booed during SNSD's performance or chanted 'Wonder Girls.' This may sound a little harsh, however SNSD has insulted/made fun of groups like Super Junior, Shinhwa, Big Bang, SS501, DBSK, Epik High, and Wonder Girls. I think it is very disrespectful to make fun of others, including people older than SNSD. SNSD also had commented that it would be hard for them to imitate S.E.S. because they look artificial. SNSD shouldn't be talking because they had already gotten plastic sugery. Not all the blame for antis is on SNSD. Some of it is because of their fans. SNSD fans were reported to have raped/stabbed/hit/beat/etc. other fans of other groups during the 2008 Dream Concert. Some of SNSD fans bash other groups alot and compare them to other k-pop groups (ex. Wonder Girls) and bash them.
I dislike SNSD.
by Ee Babo November 02, 2009

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