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Heavy breasts on display
I couldn't take my eyes off those chest fenders they were amazing...
by educatorJB October 15, 2009
Another term for your ever faithful rubber cumstopper (condom).
Did you shag her raw or were you wearing an interceptor?
by EducatorJB September 18, 2009
Drunken means of attracting the opposite sex by waving or thrashing the penis in public.
John thought he would blag a sheila with his street lure last night after we left the pub.
by EducatorJB September 17, 2009
The prevalent condition in women where it is impossible to identitfy exactly where the breasts end and the gut begins. Characterised by a continuous pear-shaped bulge. It is necessary to say 'busten-guten' in the german style.
1./ Did you see the busten-guten on that barge.

2./ Or said just to conceal distate in the form itself - 'Busten-guten!'
by educatorJB September 25, 2009
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