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To download a file, esp. an application, to a smartphone or other electronic device outside of the accepted or usual channels.
The app center says the eBay app isn't available yet for the new OS on my phone, so I had to sideload an earlier version from a Dropbox link I found.
by Eduardo Suave September 06, 2011
A wealthy empty suit of a Republican Party politician who keeps all of his money in offshore bank accounts for tax purposes, and who continually spouts falsehoods about economic and tax policy in order to increase both his own wealth and the wealth of other already wealthy individuals at the expense of middle-class taxpayers and the federal deficit.
R-Money says we should trust him even though his tax plan will cost the average middle-class taxpayer $2,000 extra a year.
by Eduardo Suave October 16, 2012
Spanish equivalent of English exclamation of exuberance, "yippee!"
Yupi! Vamos a la playa! (Yippee! We're going to the beach!)
by Eduardo Suave July 17, 2006
A parent leading his or her children, at least 2 of whom are still wearing diapers.
OK, Poopy Patrol, let's go find the restroom and hope there's a good place inside to change you.
by Eduardo Suave November 29, 2011

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