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3 definitions by Edgaroniee

A soldier, marine, pilot, or sailor that goes to war as a means to satisfy his/her 'addicition' to the exhilaration/adrenaline rush/strong bond with other soldiers/ killing of the world's criminals/ etc. experienced during war, be it good or bad.
' Yo, man, whyz George going back to Afghanistan, his 8 year contracts up, aint it?'

' Yea, cuz, but hes goign back cause he a war junkie, mang. He gets a high out of shooting mofos, and getting shot back at. he loves the bond between him and the other dudes he fighting with. theyre all that matterz out therez in da battlefield, mang.'

'oh, true dat.'
by edgaroniee December 05, 2008
A symbol/metaphor for the intricate body, or even idea at times, that performs the duty of organized conventional and unconventional violence for a cause, ideology, etc.
- Yo, Tyrone, why you going into da military, mang??!?

- Mang!! We gotta keep the War Machine going against the islmamic extremists that seek to kill us Americans, daawg!

- Oh, i see, . thats good. Mang
by edgaroniee March 06, 2009
To become a beast is:

1.to become real good at something i.e. video games, the guitar, football game

2.to become ferocious and belligerent and to engage in actions of violence or disrespect.

'Beasting' or 'beasting it' is to engage in actions which demonstrate any of the two before stated definitions.
1. Dang, i was playing Halo with that cat and he started beasting it like a mother fucker. He killed everybody, dawg!

2.yo, cuz, when he fount out his girl was doin that mofo down the street, he started beasting it on them people walking by.
by Edgaroniee June 25, 2008