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111 definitions by Eddy

This conlang has been heavily modified and barely retained the name. The website is www.angelfire.com/mo3/terrapvlchra
by Eddy September 05, 2003
The conlang of Eddy. The þ is a kisslike sound called a bilabial click made by rapidly pulling both lips away from eachother, the g is implosive, and the ç is a lateral click made by placing the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth and pulling the sides of the tongue inward. The language is polysynthetic and highly inflecting with at least 20 cases.
Fiþ, mëisxöf'amëksama.-No, I am your father.

Tqöçiöqstëkafimaa.-I'll never turn to the dark side.
by Eddy June 26, 2003
A notoriously dificult prefix to translate, it basically means curvy and attractively plump.
@ is a bilabial click, and ÔÔ is pharyngealized.
by Eddy August 19, 2003
An interconnecting series of psychological, sociological, and technological forces that errode our humanity, deny our freedom, and alienate us from nature. The opposite of anarchy.
Leviathan is all around us, so much so that we cannot identify it easily. It has a social contract, an invisible hand, and pink hair.
by Eddy July 18, 2004
1) a block of action cartoons on Cartoon Network
2) known as the "action CCF" for the most part.
3) a block that contains some shows such as "Dragonball Z" repeats everyone is tired of seeing, "Rurouni Kenshin" which is the greatest anime ever and "Teen Titans" which is another kickass show.
by Eddy October 19, 2003
The primary enemy of Marxists and one of the enemies of anarchists. They are rich and get there by enslaving the working class.

They own the businesses and take most of the money that the products made by workers bring in, giving the workers only a small amount.
Hey bourgeois, you're lucky I don't believe in propaganda by the deed or I'd be starting some class war with you with a pipebomb!
by eddy March 10, 2004
That prude trouble making bitch that sits in the corner.
by Eddy August 15, 2003