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1 definition by Eddie Rusboldt

Wel lets put it this way...... A World Series Winning, dominating team,who swept the world series yes swept. the cubs suck and everybody knows it here are some examples....

WHY THE SOX own the cubs:
1)look at the White sox record(99-63)compared to the cubs(79-83)
2)the white sox don't cork bats
3)they were in 1st place everyday day of the 2005 season
4) we don't have lame excuses like the cubs( a goat? even a retard could make up a better excuse.)
5)They don't blame fans for mistakes
6)last but not least they won the world series in a sweep...need i say more
The White sox don't need examples they are are just better than the cubs.. thats all thats to it.
by Eddie Rusboldt October 27, 2005
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