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A car made from rejected Fiat's. It's featured in the Midas commercial and ends up in the river at the end.
I just got a brand new Yugo and it exploded before I could get it off the lot.
by Eddie Guerrero June 29, 2003
A car made by Serbs, that is made from Fiat's that didn't pass Fiat's quality control.
My Yugo fell apart when I started it.
by Eddie Guerrero May 09, 2003
slang term for a $20 bill
Do you have that twinzo you owe me?
by Eddie Guerrero May 09, 2003
28 grams of marijuana, 30 if you're lucky, costs between $200 and $230(Canadaian). not just bush though that hydro stuff, cause we all grow up here
Yo bitch where's the money for that ounce i spotted to you.
by Eddie Guerrero May 09, 2003

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